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Zimbabwe`s youths bearing the brunt of an inflexible education system

Youth unemployment continues to be a major problem in Zimbabwe, where youths who constitute a large proportion of the population are still without gainful employment. While several explanations have been offered to explain this phenomenon, I believe these reasons, no matter the supposed justification, are red herrings that do not adequately address the issue of youth unemployment.
In the last couple of years, the story of Africa rising has been well documented, as the emerging markets outperformed most established western markets. With an annual inflation rate which is lower than her regional peers, as well as a relatively higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate than regional counterparts, Zimbabwe too has in a sense, been rising.
The unfortunate paradox that the largest population sub-group in the country still represents the largest strata of those unemployed, however still exists. This renders whatever positive strides that have been made irrelevant in the grand scheme of thi…