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Post Elections Zimbabwe: Time to Focus on Growth and Development

The elections have come and gone, albeit contentiously so.Yet what still unites us as a nation is our common desire to see this nation advance for the good of all Zimbabweans. As the nation waits to see if ZANU PF will deliver on its electoral promises, the question of what it will take to get this country working again still remains.
Thirty three years after the liberation struggle, we still find ourselves suffering from the liberation war hangover. It goes without saying, that the war of independence was key and indeed necessary to unshackle the country from our oppressors at the time. However when we as a nation, cannot move on to focus on issues that are vital to our development, the essence of the liberation struggle comes to naught.
When do we as a nation take a long hard look at ourselves and not blame our past for where we are? If not, we run the risk of being a people who excel at majoring in the minors. Yes, the importance of the war and our history cannot be downplayed. Deca…