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Zimbabwe: A Nation Where A Father`s Retirement Plan Is His Children

With most if not all efforts focused on the now, for a considerable number of Zimbabweans, thinking about their economic future is an afterthought. Make no mistake about it; it is not by choice that people are leaving their economic future to fate. The present economic realities- a legacy of the 1998-2008 economic meltdown-simply dictate that survival is the rule of the game. With evidence suggesting that people are just ‘getting by’, the good old principle of saving for retirement, investments and for that rainy day has now become a flight of fancy.
Most Zimbabweans are barely scrapping by and can hardly afford the basic necessities. For the purposes of this argument, let us exclude the highly contested unemployed figures (Zimstats-the National Statistical Agency- pegs this figure at 11% whilst the World Food Programme and other international organisations estimate that the rate is somewhere in the region of 85%). When one looks at that section of Zimbabweans who are employed, 30.6 % …