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What will a Hillary Clinton Presidency Mean for China`s involvement In Africa ?

“Africa must beware of “new colonialism” as China extends ties there and focus on partners able to help build productive capacity on the continent”, said Hillary during her term as Secretary of State on a visit to Zambia in 2011. This statement lays bare America`s general disapproval of China`s growing influence in Africa at its expense, as the Americans see Sino-African relations as largely exploitative with Africa being the disadvantaged partner. Them, they argue have the continent`s interests at heart and want to work for sustainable development in Africa, a concept far off China`s radar the Americans contend. Having recently won the Democratic Party nomination announced for the race for the White House in 2016, and having a more than realistic chance of winning, will a Hillary Clinton Presidency signal a turning of the tide for relations between China, the USA and Africa?
Over the years, Africa has become China`s stomping ground. It`s jaw-dropping investments are strewn all over t…