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Zimbabwe Misses US-Africa Leaders Summit and Still Remains Unapologetic

From its exclusion, albeit voluntarily from the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings to the recently concluded US – Africa leaders’ summit in which over 50 heads of African states were invited in Washington DC, Zimbabwe has been like a black sheep missing out on such key events. Certainly, these and such other international gatherings are not make or break events, whose failure to attend would spell doom for countries. The State run media in Zimbabwe, certainly made this clear as it published an article that branded the August 4 to 6 event as, “President Obama`s speed dating exercise.” In it, the argument is made that it is inconceivable how anything significant will be achieved in a mere 3 days, when the Obama administration has ignored Africa for 5 years. The summit is viewed just as a talk shop and a series of lectures by Barack Obama, in which African leaders hold no sway.

It's just that at a time when Zimbabwe has been pushing a re-engagement agenda with several…